It is a truly Authentic Art Investible that is completely Unique and the First in a class of Original Art all by itself, "Financial Art". By combining the best features of valuable Fine Art (both original paintings and limited edition prints) and the highest quality printed Certificates of Value (currencies, banknotes, stock certificates and bonds), the result is something vastly bigger and better than either one by itself, which helps to explain the attraction of Collectors and Investors to the I.A.M. Limited Edition Uncut Sheets.


photo_sm.jpgDuring 1988, a professional team of the best "old world" artists, artisans, craftsmen and design technicians at the ABNC spent more than 7 months on the "hand crafted" design process alone, while under the constant supervision and creative direction of Tari, before the use of computers or design programs. To achieve the final product envisioned by Tari, the ABNC printed the single Million Dollar Bills and the Uncut Sheets utilizing the highest quality Currency Grade Standards and incorporating the most sophisticated state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting technology in the world of security document printing. To prevent any possibility of unauthorized copying or counterfeiting, each Million Dollar Bill on the Uncut Sheets is printed on both sides with Engraved Steel Plates (this process is termed "intaglio" in the bank note field), plus the Bills were created with every high-tech anti-counterfeiting feature available at ABNC, including Micro-Printed Inscriptions, Latent Images, Invisible Ink Statements, Special Custom Manufactured Security Paper and highly unique Banknote Multi-Colors and Patterns.


It was designed by Tari to be an Authentic Financial Art "Investible" (a combination of the highest quality Collectible that is also an excellent Investment due it's potential to greatly appreciate in Price/Value). The Uncut Sheets were initially created in a Limited Edition of 4,000 Sheets. Then in 1996, after completing hundreds of surveys with Uncut Sheet owners, the entire Limited Edition was drastically reduced down to only 700 Uncut Sheets by cutting up 3,300 sheets into 118,800 single IAM Million Dollar Bills. This bold decision by Tari not only made the Uncut Sheets very scarce, but it greatly benefited the collectors and investors by increasing their international demand and price value appreciation.

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