Over the past 29 years, it has established an impressive sales and Price/Value Appreciation record for the Entire Limited Edition of 700 Uncut Sheets sold. Starting in 1990, I.A.M. Enterprises began selling the Uncut Sheets unframed at a price of $200 per Sheet, and then with each 100 Sheets sold, the Price/Value increased up through $250, $350, $500, $750, $1,000 and $1,500 per Sheet (unframed) which was a 750% appreciation.


At that point Millionaire Marketing International began marketing the remaining 75 Uncut Sheets, which began with a price/value of $2,500 each (unframed) for 10 Uncut Sheets, which was a 1,250% appreciation.

  • When these 10 were sold the price/value increased to $3,500 each (unframed), which was 1,750% appreciation.
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $4,500 each (unframed), which was a 2,250% appreciation.
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $5,500 each (unframed), which was a 2,750% appreciation.
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $6,500 each (unframed), which was a 3,250% appreciation.
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $7,500 each (unframed), which was a 3,750% appreciation. 
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $8,500 each (unframed), which was a 4,250% appreciation. 
  • When these 10 were sold, the price/value increased to $9,500 each (unframed), which was a 4,750% appreciation.
  • When these last 10 Limited Edition Uncut Sheets were sold, this completed the sales of the entire limited edition of 700 Uncut Sheets during the "Initial Marketing Phase" which began back in 1990,
  • Currently each of the 700 Uncut Sheets in existence, owned and kept in locations around the world, have a Current Price/Value of $9,500 (unframed).
  • For more details on all the above, see the Official I.A.M Price/Value Appreciation Schedule.

Since 1990, Tari Steward's two companies, I.A.M. Enterprises and Millionaire Marketing International have been the exclusive source actively marketing the entire limited edition of Uncut Sheets. With the Uncut Sheets being all Sold Out, the Initial Marketing Phase of this Popular and Rare Financial Art Collectible is completed, and this "Unique Investment In Financial Art" has appreciated a total of 4,750% in Price/Value since the marketing first began 29 years ago.




Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) is seeking to connect with a Dubai based Funding Partner looking for the Ideal Business Enterprise to operate within Dubai, in order to help make the "Secondary Marketing Phase" happen, as outlined in the following brief description

To request a copy of the MMI Business Plan for this highly profitable enterprise, send an email to Tari Steward, President, using the email address located at the bottom of this page.


The entire Limited Edition of 700 Uncut Sheets is sold out, and the I.A.M. will continue to develop and design the launch of the long planned Secondary Marketing Phase, so that each of the over 650 buyer/owners (investors and collectors) of the Uncut Sheets, who wish to resell their Uncut Sheets and realize their incredible financial rewards as a "Unique Investment in Financial Art", can do so quickly, effortlessly and VERY Profitably.

Licensed by the I.A.M. and acting as an Exclusive "Financial Art" Broker, Tari Steward, President of Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) will contract with each of these Uncut Sheet Owners to Re-Sell their Uncut Sheets.  This will be done via the Secondary Marketing Phase, and MMI will continue to market the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets and increase their unlimited Price/Value appreciation to greater and higher levels, with no limits of any kind.

Beginning with a minimum Price/Value of $18,000 each (with every Uncut Sheet Luxuriously Custom Framed by Tari and MMI), as the minimum "Opening Bid", and increasing in Price/Value based solely on most recent actual sales prices to the highest bidder via an exciting and unique Exclusive, Private and Live Art Auction Venue, that will be accessible by Official I.A.M. Invitation Only.

Each of these Private Auctions will be exclusively held in Dubai, as the auction will only for the Ultra-Wealthy who want to own one of these works of Unique Financial Art as the world's only "Ultimate Collectible".


Fueling and contributing to this continuing demand and Appreciation in Price/Value of the Uncut Sheets will be the 30 years of international demand, positive expectancy and anticipation from hundreds of thousands of IAM Million Dollar Bill owners in 55 countries around the world, who all want to be an Official Member of the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.).

REALIZE YOUR HUGE FINANCIAL RETURN:  If you currently own one of the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets, and you want to find out how you get on the I.A.M. Resell List and secure an exclusive position in the Uncut Sheet "Secondary Marketing Phase" Auction Line Up, contact Tari and Millionaire Marketing International at the email address shown below.
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