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  • Let us know you want to place your order for an Uncut Sheet.  You may ask us any questions about your order.

  • You will be given instructions on how to make your payment using a bank wire Transfer, which is the only payment method we accept.

  • You will be sent an email with our banking information. 

  • The current Price/Value for one of the Limited Edition Uncut Sheet (unframed) is US $9,500 plus the Federal Express shipping and handling charges, which will vary depending on where we are shipping the Uncut Sheet to.

NOTE: The Limited Edition Uncut Sheet can be custom framed by us and shipped to you, for some extra charges as follows:
  • Custom Framing - We will custom frame your Uncut Sheet with the highest quality materials and workmanship, using acid free museum quality mount board, adhesive and other materials. The cost will be an extra US$1,500  Your Uncut Sheet will be "Double Signed" by the Artist/Designer Tari Steward.
  • Custom Shipping Container - We will purchase a "Strong Box" custom container made of the finest and most durable cardboard materials, and this container is built exclusively for shipping valuable framed artwork, to ensure that your Uncut Sheet arrives in perfect condition. The cost for this large container will be US$350.
  • Custom Insured Shipping - We will ship your large "Strong Box" via Federal Express and the cost will be dependent on where we are shipping your box to, but it will cost many times more than when we ship the Uncut Sheet unframed.

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped within 7 days from receipt of order and payment in full. All orders are shipped via Federal Express only.

RETURN POLICY: All Uncut Sheet Orders Are Final. No Refunds. No Returns.


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