With 28 years of continual international marketing success, the fascinating and amazing story behind the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill is coming to an end. Now in 2015, Tari Steward is actively involved with marketing and selling the last 2 remaining Limited Edition Uncut Sheets and selling out the remaining very limited supply of the single I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills (owned by Private Sources). He is also developing and preparing to launch the Official I.A.M. Membership Program, while at the same time completing the writing and publishing of his long awaited and anticipated book, The $1,000,000 Adventure. (Click on the name to learn more about this amazing true story book that is soon to be completed and published)

Once the book is published and the entire Limited Edition of 700 Uncut Sheets is completely sold out, Tari will devote his attention to launching and rapidly expanding the Official I.A.M. Membership Program for the International Association of Millionaires. (Click on the link at the top of this page What Is The I.A.M.? for more info)


Since 1989, over 825,000 IAM Million Dollar Bills have been sold to Collectors, Investors and Purchasers of Uniquely Impressive Gifts in 55 countries around the world, and now there is a Very Limited Supply remaining unsold that are owned by a small handful of "Private Sources". When these remaining few thousand Bills are sold, this Internationally Famous and Extremely Popular Limited Edition Collectible will be completely sold out, and no longer available for purchase.

Millionaire Marketing International is the Official Worldwide Source of these remaining new, uncirculated, crisp Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bills. Click here for the Current Price/Value and Ordering Information.



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