Tari Steward, Founder
presents the
Founded on 20 April 1987
 Social Success Network
(Still in the Design & Planning Stages as Detailed Below)

The Official Description of IAM FREE

"A Global Social SUCCESS Network as a Worldwide
Fellowship of People with a Positive Attitude who are
Motivated to Achieve & WIN More Financial Freedom"

The Official Purpose of the IAM FREE

"To Help Positive People Around the World Change Their
'State of Mind' So They Can Start Having More Money,

Enjoy More Financial Freedom & Live a Happier Life"


The Official Motto of the IAM FREE



On the morning of 20 April 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tari Steward personally experienced the incredible and strong Artistic Inspiration to create something very different yet exciting, so using his Imagination he created a historical moment when he made a positive decision to Found and begin the Creation of the now Globally famous and popular International Association of Millionaires  (I.A.M.). Tari (as he is known and admired as a professional Artist since 1973) also knew he would be the Artist/Designer of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill and he decided the Bill would then become the Official "Certificate Of Wealth" for this unique worldwide fellowship.

In Tari's own words, "I was very Inspired with a Global Vision and Big Dream when I originated and founded the initial idea of an International Association of Millionaires.  But, that BIG and Bright Idea to help Millions of positive-minded people around the world to have more Financial Freedom & Happiness, was ahead of it's time."

"Back then I had a Big Problem, since all of the absolutely necessary Big Technology (computer IT technology, the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), Websites, Global Digital Marketing, Mass Email Marketing, Social Networks, Global-Mobile Phone Networks and Mobile Apps) that would be required and much needed to design, create, connect, operate and rapidly expand the I.A.M. around the world did not exist...not Yet.  But, I knew 'somehow, someway and someday' that many of the awesome powerful things like these would be designed, developed and created for our use, and I also was aware that I'd better be ready for it."

"So, over the past 30 years, I never gave up on my Global Vision and BIG Dream, I maintained my Positive "State of Mind" about creating and launching the I.A.M. and I simply continued to fully develop the detailed design and written plans to make it all happen, once Technologies caught up with the Global Vision, Scope and the New Positive Reality of my BIG Dream."

Since the very beginning of the I.A.M. idea in April 1987, Tari has invested an abundance of creative imagination into the I.A.M. concept, which has resulted in the design for a very large, exciting and powerful Global Group. The I.A.M. Membership was always designed to be made up of people who have achieved Financial Freedom and everyone else who wants to have more of it.

Then, with the super-popular advent and expansion of Social Media Networks, Global Mobile Device Networks and Mobile Apps during the past 7 years, Tari has been happily simplifying and re-designing the I.A.M. to actually be a Fun, Fast & Easy Online Global Freeway to More Financial Freedom. He also decided that the I.A.M. must now only be a 100% FREE & 100% Online Global Game for anyone Online to play, and so in 2010 Tari named it IAM FREE = which is soon to be developed and Officially Launched as the first ever Global Social Success Network."

(Currently in the Design & Planning Stages)

  IAM-FREE-Indiegogo-Campaign-Card-Image-640X640-version-3.jpg TM

The purposes of IAM FREE are to help Positive People of Goodwill living anywhere in the world to achieve and have more Financial Freedom, by first helping them learn how to positively change their "State of Mind" so their thoughts and attitudes work for them and not against them, in order to effectively help them rapidly accomplish their goals, dreams and purposes in life.

    IAM-FREE-First-Image-Statement-Indiegogo-Story-620-wide.jpg TM

            (Currently in the Design & Planning Stages)

To help accomplish this,
Tari is now completing the writing, translating and digital publishing his long awaited Non-fiction, True-Life Success Story Book, THE $1,000,000 ADVENTURE
TM which will contain not only the Amazing but True Story of his over 30 years of Radical* Global Success, but it will also introduce Billions of positive-minded people around the world to the FINANCIAL FREEDOM TECHNOLOGY TM  that Tari used to achieve the American Dream of Financial Freedom, many times over.

* Radical: - very new or different from the usual or traditional (Merriam-Webster)
 - description of an action or thing which is especially impressive (Urban Dictionary)

     IAM-FREE-Indiegogo-Pre-Story-3-Cards-Brief-Intro-The-Book-620-wide-1.jpg TM

In addition, IAM FREE will provide
every Member with an interactive easy and simple opportunity to enjoy continual Good Fortune, Positive Blessings and Lucky Breaks utilizing and interacting with the totally One-of-a-Kind exciting, upcoming, Positive-Disruptive and Ultra-Tech IAM FREE Mobile App, on a 100% Free basis. This Mobile App will be so Technologically Advanced that it's now being described as "A Digital License to Survive and Succeed" in this New Cyber-Age* of Global Online IT Wizardry via the Mobile Networks we all operate within every day.

* Cyber-Age - the high tech era we are living in today (PC Magazine Encyclopedia)
- relating to the culture of computers and information tech (Oxford Dictionary)

     IAM-FREE-Indiegogo-Pre-Story-3-Cards-Brief-Intro-The-Mobile-App-620-wide-1.jpg TM

(Currently in the Design & Planning Stages)

Finally, to complete the IAM FREE, Tari has designed and will be creating and directing the IAM FREE Global Game, (the soon to be famous "Game of Freedoms") based on Free, Fun, Fast & Easy Global digital playing formulas and systems, where active Member/Players will get Hourly & Daily Chances to be Winning "Free Portal Prizes" of the World's Most Famous and Valuable Luxury Products and Services, plus the Most Sought After and Super Successful Online Income Opportunities. The combination of these Winnings will instantly improve the Winners lives, by improving their Positive "State of Mind" and providing more Financial Freedom to these Member/Players. There will be no purchase of any kind required to Play & Win in this Global Game.

     IAM-FREE-Indiegogo-Pre-Story-3-Cards-Brief-Intro-The-Global-Game-620-wide-1.jpg TM


Social Success Network
(Currently in the Design & Planning Stages)

The long awaited and soon to be launched IAM FREE Membership Program will be a "Social SUCCESS Network" that is a 100% Free Internet Cloud Based Operation with easy online access from around the world 24/7 via the IAM FREE Mobile App that will work on any mobile phone anywhere. 

To join IAM FREE there are no costs or fees, no qualifications or no requirements, and you will simply "One-Click-Register" Online to join during the "Pre-Launch" starting April 20, 2017. At that time, you will have Instant Download Access to get and read your Digital Copy of the IAM FREE Book, THE $1,000,000 ADVENTURE.  This will give you access to the Financial Freedom Technology during "Stage One" of it's Global Release.

The IAM FREE Mobile App will be created and released, so you can begin to have daily access to the Financial Freedom Technology during the "Stage Two" of it's Global Release.

Then we will have everything in place to Launch the IAM FREE as a powerful and fun Social Success Network, that will include the daily interfacing use of the IAM FREE Mobile App to access, play and WIN the IAM FREE Global Game, as described above.

The IAM FREE Membership Program is open to all people, men and women of any color, race or religion from any country in the world, and everyone is invited and welcome to join IAM FREE.  Each Member will register via the IAM FREE App, and given a unique Member Identification Number and secure log-in access to the Official IAM FREE Global Game

See the info below to learn how & when you can Join IAM FREE


The $1,000,000 Adventure
A Non-Fiction True-Story of Radical Global Success

by Tari Stewardbook.jpg

To begin the Phase One of the Official Online Launch of this Global Social SUCCESS Network, the IAM FREE Membership Program, we will be releasing FREE Digital Copies of Tari Steward's long awaited True Success Story book entitled The $1,000,000 Adventure, which is soon to be completed by Tari and will then be scheduled for the Digital Publication and social media viral marketing. 

For all the details about this incredible book Click Here.



(Currently in the Design & Planning Stages)

The long awaited IAM Membership Program officially started on 20 April 2007, which also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the date the I.A.M. was founded by Tari Steward.

The Official Online "Pre-Launch" of IAM FREE - Social Success Network,
is expected to begin as soon as possible.

Plan Phase One:  During the "Pre-Launch" the IAM FREE Membership Online, anyone can join IAM FREE and download the digital publication and Global release of the Free Book, The $1,000,000 Adventure initially available to anyone Online.

Plan Phase Two:
Then later the full technical development, creation and Global launch of the IAM FREE Mobile App will happen. When the IAM FREE Mobile App goes live around the world, everyone can join IAM FREE
by simply downloading the IAM FREE Mobile App and registering as an IAM FREE "Pre-Launch" Member.

Plan Phase Three:
  Then the creation and launch of the IAM FREE Global Game, and there are many hundreds of millions of like-minded people all around the world, who will rapidly download the IAM FREE Mobile App and join for
FREE upon receiving their Social Media Invitation to enjoy the exciting and valuable hourly and daily "Famous Luxury Ultra-Valuable Portal Prizes" they can win, along with the huge positive benefits of joining the exclusive one and only Global "Social SUCCESS Network", the IAM FREE Membership.


The First 10,000 Global Members:  You could be one of the
First 10,000 Global I.A.M. Members to be notified of the launch of Phase One, which means you will be part of the special "First 10,000 Club" within the Global IAM FREE Membership Program.   There will be some extremely valuable Special Benefits & Privileges available only for the "First 10,000 Global Members".


If you want to be contacted via email when Phase One of the Official Online Launch begins, so you can access and download your IAM FREE App, and belong to the "First 10,000 Club", then join the Official IAM FREE Members mailing list by filling in the Sign Up form below.

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