Tari Steward, Artist/Designer of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill Limited Edition Uncut Sheet, presents this introduction to his globally recognized and admired Authentic, Unique and Rare Work of "Financial Art". This now world famous Artistic Symbol of Wealth was custom printed in 1988 exclusively and only for the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) by the world renowned American Bank Note Company (ABNC) utilizing the highest quality 100% Currency Grade Standards of design and printing, firmly and officially establishing it as the sophisticated, internationally famous and extremely popular Unique Financial Art Collectible that it has become over the past 29 years.

Produced in a strictly Limited Edition of only 700 Uncut Sheets, with all the engraved steel printing plates destroyed by the ABNC to prevent any further editions, it has continued to become internationally famous and in great demand among discerning Art Investors and Collectors. Each Uncut Sheet is Individually Signed and Numbered by the Artist/Designer - Tari Steward - and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, which ensure that it is the Genuine I.A.M. Limited Edition Collectible Work of Financial Art.

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Successful global marketing and sales of the Limited Edition Uncut Sheet began in 1989 by Tari Steward's company Millionaire Marketing International (MMI), long before the Internet.  Due to the ingenious and effective marketing of Tari and MMI, many hundreds of successful and positive people around the world now enjoy owning this Limited Edition Uncut Sheet, because of its renowned Uniqueness, Rarity and Authenticity. When custom framed for your office or home, this impressive Art Collectible becomes an Unforgettable Conversation Piece, and a constant reminder of your past, present and/or future Wealth, Prosperity and Financial Success, as you watch your "Unique Investment In Financial Art" continue to appreciate in Price/Value.

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SOLD OUT!  After 29 years of successful marketing, this now legendary One-Of-A-Kind Financial Art Creation has truly proven to be a "Unique Investment In Financial Art", based on its amazing 4,750% Appreciation in Price/Value, and now there are no Uncut Sheets remaining unsold in the entire Limited Edition of only 700 Uncut Sheets in existence.

Every Limited Edition Uncut Sheet in existence now has a current Price/Value of $9,500 each (unframed), as you can see via the following link
 Official I.A.M Price/Value Appreciation Schedule.



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