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The $1,000,000 Adventure  TM

Financial Freedom Technology TM
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"An Amazing and 100% True Story
of Achieving The American Dream of
Financial Freedom, and Now Helping
Billions of People Online Worldwide to
Have Much More Financial Freedom!"

Tari Steward

Personal Introduction from the Author

"I am writing this Free Book to introduce the readers to an
ingeniously simple Financial Freedom Technology that

I've used in my 40+ years of Radical* Global Success, and now
in the New CyberAge* with Online Global & Mobile IT Wizardry,
we can Techno-Globalize* this Financial Freedom Tech so it will
be effectively, simultaneously and continually providing Billions

of positive-minded people of Goodwill, all around the world,
with a Fun, Fast & Easy Online Global Freeway to
More Financial Freedom and Happiness in Life.

Based on decades of experience as a Creative Artist & Visionary
Entrepreneur, about 20% of the people who will read this Webpage
have a negative attitude, and they will think and believe - 'that is
impossible' - 'it sounds too good to be true' - 'this will
never happen', and
other forms of 'stinking thinking'.  That's okay, they have the right to their
own opinions, but we don't need their approval or agreement to create this
Global Online Movement for More Financial Freedom.

That is exactly why I'm writing this Book for the rest of us, all of
  the people in the huge 80% group, who have a much more Positive
Attitude.  Everyone of us can believe, expect, know and see that
it's our own Positive State of Mind
plus our own strong Want for
more Financial Freedom, that will make it happen for each of us,
as the active Member/Players of this Free & Easy Global Game.

My Book is also a fun, fast paced and entertaining True Story of my
30 year success-filled adventure with creating and Global marketing
the now World Famous IAM Million Dollar Bill products that have
helped many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to improve their
Financial "State of Mind" and increase their Fun, Success & Happiness.

My main purposes for writing this Book are to provide you the reader,
anywhere in the world, with this Financial Freedom Technology, and
give you an exciting Preview of the IAM Free Mobile App and the
IAM Free Global Game, whose Ultra-High-Tech yet simple to use
systems can and will give you the Hope & Help you need so you
individually, and all of us together, can and will WIN BIG!

Stay Positive and Succeed!"
Tari Steward
Professional Artist, Marketing Success Consultant, Author,
Business Owner, Creative Visionary &
Global Entrepreneur
"Since 1973 Tari Continues to Boldly Go Where
No Artist
& Entrepreneur Has Ever Gone Before"


* Radical: - very new or different from the usual or traditional (Merriam-Webster)
 - description of an action or thing which is especially impressive (Urban Dictionary)
*CyberAge: - the high tech era we are living in today (PC Magazine Encyclopedia)
- relating to the culture of computers and information technology (Oxford Dictionary)
- the computer driven information age (Wordnik)
*Techno-Globalize: - Techno: relating to technology + Globalize: make something
  global or worldwide in scope or application (Merriam-Webster)
- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Who will want to read this Book . . . and Why?


Our Global Pro-Survival* Realities

2.  Everyone Wants More Money!

1.  Everyone Needs Money!

3.  Everyone Hopes for Financial Freedom!

4.  Everyone Dreams of Winning Financial Freedom!

With these existing 4 Pro-Survival Realities in mind, 
Imagine the New Reality we are now creating with this Book  -

"Everyone Gets Daily Chances to WIN Financial Freedom!"
         * Pro-Survival: - pro (agreeing with, supporting, favoring) + survival (continued existence or life);
            something that aids survival (Wiktionary)
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Who, What, Where, When, How?
For now, just ask, What If . . ?

What If . . .
you could simply read and enjoy this Free Amazing yet True-Story Non-fiction Success Adventure Book and it will inspire, motivate, enlighten, entertain and strengthen you, and improve
your "State of Mind", increase your success and help you to Win and achieve more Financial Freedom?

What If . . .
this Free Book also contains a secret coded Treasure Map, hidden in plain sight within the entire text, that will motivate any reader (and it could be you) to be the first to decipher the coded messages, then have fun following the map directions to Win an actual $1,000,000 Cash Prize, Tax Free?

What If . . . this amazing Free Book really and truly does introduce readers to a proven Financial Freedom Technology that when combined with Online Global & Mobile IT Wizardry can provide Billions of Positive-Minded people who are Online, with an actual way to Win more Financial Freedom?

What If . . .
this Free Book will be professionally translated into the Top 20 Internet Languages (before digitally published), so when it is released one-chapter-at-a-time, the Book goes viral via Global social networks, and Tens of Millions and eventually Billions of positive-minded people read the Book? 

What If . . .
the digital Online publication of this Free Book is also a Sneak-Preview/Trailer for the design, creation and Global launch of a Positive-Disruptive-Tech Free Mobile App, that will provide ways to Win major improvement, success, Good Fortune and more Financial Freedom to Billions of people?

What If . . .
this Free Mobile App is a powerful Portal Key to access and play a Free Global Game, where you and Billions of worldwide players get daily chances to Win Valuable Prizes and New Income Opportunities with a Fun, Fast & Easy Global Online Freeway to More Financial Freedom & Happiness?

What If . . . this Free Book rapidly becomes one of the Most Downloaded Books, with millions of downloads, creating a Big Buzz Online, followed by the sale of the movie rights to a major studio to produce a feature length film based on the Book, making the IAM Free Book > App > Game Dream Come True?

What If . . .
you could be part of a Global Force for Good, right now, and join together with many thousands of positive people of Goodwill worldwide to help Crowdfund the writing, translating, digital Online publishing and marketing of this Free Book, starting with a one-time minimum contribution of only $28?

What If . . . you would be rewarded for your Crowdfunding contribution with Valuable Perks & Awards depending on your level of contribution, such as having exclusive download access to a premier issue of the Book, IAM Million Dollar Bills and/or other valuable personalized products from the IAM?

What If . . .
every contributor to the Crowdfunding Goal was awarded the Premier IAM FREE Status of "Global Funding Member", that was only available as a First Mover Advantage until the Funding Goal was achieved, and these IAM Members would have Valuable Future Benefits only available to them?  

What If . . . all contributors were rewarded with future chances to Win famous Name Brand Luxury Products, every time you "One Click Share" this Crowdfunding Opportunity with 8 or more of your social media friends/connections/followers who also contribute to the Crowdfunding Goal?


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  What Exactly is this Book About?

This is the long-awaited incredible true story of Tari Steward's successful
30 year "rags to riches" adventure in
the fulfillment of his passionate quest to
achieve "The American Dream" of Financial Freedom, plus his design in 1987
and Global launch in 2017 of the International Association of Millionaires (IAM)
that will help Billions of like-minded people also achieve more Financial Freedom.

Tari (as he is known and admired professionally) wrote this
fascinating chronicle
  about his Artistic design and creation of the internationally famous and popular

"Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills" that were printed by the ABNC
American Bank Note Company) in 1988 as a Limited Edition "Financial Art"
utilizing sophisticated 100% Currency Grade Standards of printing.
As a result, the IAM Million Dollar Bills Look and Feel Better Than Real Money.


It's also how Tari, a self-taught Professional Artist & Visionary Entrepreneur

from Hawaii, started a super successful Multi-Million Dollar Global Mail Order
Business in 1990, and by 2002 he had sold out the Entire Limited Edition of
all 825,000 of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills to many tens of thousands of
customers in 55 countries worldwide
(before Internet marketing), and he
earned Millions of Dollars from selling what he designed and created,
working mostly by himself, using an efficient home-based office.


The $1,000,000 Adventure

“A Non-fiction True-Story of Radical Global Success"

It's an honest, entertaining and straight forward narrative by a man who took a

simple powerful idea, made it into a super success story and created an exciting
Global adventure of achieving fame and fortune over the last 30 years, in spite of
  anything and anyone, on a wild roller coaster ride from poverty to prosperity.

An inspirational account of the Free Enterprise System at work, proving that
any motivated Entrepreneur with a great idea, a unique product to sell,
lots of hard work, a positive attitude and non-stop persistence can
still achieve the American Dream of Financial Freedom.

And, most importantly it is an exciting introduction to Tari's design and creation
of an ingeniously simple and very powerful Financial Freedom Technology,
  utilizing a Positive-Disruptive-Tech within a Free Mobile App as a Portal
Key to a
Real-Life & Real-World Free Global Game (not an animated or virtual game) that
can and will continuously and instantly provide 24/7/365 access to a Real-Time,
Fun and Easy Online Global Freeway to More Financial Freedom and Happiness
for the Billions of positive thinking Online Member/Players all around the world.



 The $1,000,000 Adventure

“A Hidden Treasure Map that will Allow
One Reader to Win $1,000,000 in Cash"

This Book is also a highly unusual but actual Treasure Map leading
to $1,000,000 in Cash. The Treasure Map is in the form of secret
coded messages, hidden in-plain-sight within the text of the Book, that
can only be decoded and deciphered by reading the entire Book, from page
1 of the Introduction, and chapter by chapter to the last page at The End. 

All readers, anywhere, have the same chance to decode the Treasure Map,
but only the first smart reader to break the mysterious coded messages will win
the $1,000,000 Cash Prize,  given to them 100% Tax Free, from the IAM.
The Winner will be given 100 banded packs, each pack containing 100 actual
US $100 Dollar Bills ($10,000 per pack), for a total of $1,000,000 just like the
picture above with the beautiful pile of 100 of the $10,000 banded packs.

Tari Steward will personally bring this pile of cash to you (via armored truck
with armed security guards), wherever you live and place it on your kitchen table,
just like the $1,000,000 pile of cash in the picture. Can you imagine that pile of
cash on your kitchen table?  All you have to do is decipher the secret code, discover
the Treasure Map, follow the directions and you could be the BIG Winner...
but only if you are the smartest, fastest and very first person to do this. 

For each reader of the Book this treasure hunting adventure will be similar to,
but much better than, the popular “DaVinci Code” book & movie and the
“National Treasure” movies, because this will be happening to you in
real life, it will be a fun and exciting game that you can play, it will truly
be "The $1,000,000 Adventure" for you in every way since the winner
will actually win and receive $1,000,000 in Cash, Tax Free.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  The Cash Prize will not be paid from the Crowdfunding money raised via Indiegogo, but the Cash Prize will be paid from the Book's movie rights sale revenues, along with major corporate sponsors, as needed.  All the exciting details of The $1,000,000 Treasure Hunt will be released, as the treasure map codes are developed by the Author and professionals in this field, including any legal disclosures, disclaimers and guidelines in full compliance with the appropriate laws in the USA and all other countries where this type of prize giveaway contest is permitted.  There is no purchase or payment of any kind required to play and win the Treasure Hunt game. This is not a game of chance, but a game of skill, intelligence and speed.   The movie names "DaVinci Code" and "National Treasure" are Trademarks and the intellectual property of their respective owners, used here only for illustrative and educational purposes.

Tari Steward - Author

In this truly fascinating book you will go with Tari on his exciting adventure from the never before mentioned beginning of The $1,000,000 Adventure, which happened one sunny spring morning when he was only 5 years old, and he directly experienced an "otherworldly" and deeply mysterious incident of Positive Inspiration, which later in his life resulted in his amazing story of adventure as a successful Professional Artist, Visionary Creator & Global Entrepreneur. 

Then 34 years later, on the morning of April 20, 1987, Tari awakened with an intense inspiration to design and create the world famous Limited Edition IAM Million Dollar Bill and to found the International Association of Millionaires (IAM), which is when The $1,000,000 Adventure True Success Story actually began to unfold and expand.

This book will take the reader along with Tari, chapter by chapter through all of the seemingly miraculous experiences of "Good Luck" and "Good Fortune" that happened to him, as a direct result of his passionate motivation, persistence and Positive State of Mind that allowed him to overcome the numerous insurmountable barriers, setbacks, problems and challenges to get the
first-ever "million dollar bill" funded, designed and printed as a Limited Edition "Financial Art" Collectible & Novelty Gift Item. 

Including, how he was able to convince the super conservative and extremely secretive 200+ year old American Bank Note Company (ABNC) in New York City to work with him to design and print the IAM Million Dollar Bill in December 1988. This is a company that had printed national currencies for over 100 countries around the world, and Stock Certificates for almost all the Fortune 500 US companies, but never before printed a "novelty item" for anyone, because of strict legal, public relations and governmental requirements. 

   M$B-in-space-linkedin-post.jpg  TM

This is the incredible, yet 100% True Story of how Tari found a deeply hidden legal "loophole" that allowed him and the I.A.M. to not break any counterfeiting laws of the US Federal Government, and later help to convince the President of ABNC to over-ride their professional legal counsel and print this Limited Edition Collectible Novelty Item, that would become an internationally famous and extremely popular work of "Financial Art", that actually looks and feels better than real US Money, which is why everyone who sees it wants one immediately.

You will also learn of his strange encounters and challenges dealing with the little known "Secret Brotherhood of Money", his company's almost devastating short lived battle with the most powerful law firm in the United States, and then his fearless confronting, fighting and handling of the U.S. Secret Service and how they finally backed off and let him continue creating the remarkable true Success Adventure Story behind the international marketing phenomena of the Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill products, the creation of the I.A.M. Membership Program and much, much more. 

This book contains many chapters that describe how Tari utilized correct survey technology with public relations and publicity techniques combined with effectively simple mail order marketing basic operating principles to locate the ideal target market public who would want, desire and buy the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills. You will also learn  how he designed effective display ads that created strong want and desire for the product, how he placed these ads in the perfect magazines that reached this ideal public, and then how he handled the incoming calls and mail-in orders using a fun sales approach that turned a 1 Bill sale into a 10 Bill sale (or more). 

     IAM-MMI-Featured-Products-As-Seen-In-smaller.jpg  TM

You will discover how from 1989 to 2016, due to successful global marketing by Tari and his company Millionaire Marketing International (MMI), the entire Limited Edition of 825,000 IAM Million Dollar Bills was sold to tens of thousands of sophisticated "Financial Art" Collectors and purchasers of this Uniquely Impressive Gift in 55 countries around the world, mostly using Offline marketing & sales.  As a result, the IAM Million Dollar Bills are now extremely rare and very scarce, while their strong demand and Price/Value continues to increase every year.  Once this Book is published, the demand for and Price/Value of the Limited Edition IAM Million Dollar Bills will skyrocket to unlimited heights!

In this True Life Success Story, Tari explains all his hard won know-how and simple Truths that he used to succeed, which are the basis of the Financial Freedom Technology being released via this IAM FREE Book, the IAM FREE Mobile App and the IAM FREE Global Game.  Tari's purpose for writing The Book is also simple and direct: so that each reader can learn everything Tari did, and they can apply this hard won Financial Freedom Technology to creating their own success story in marketing any product they want to, especially now with the Internet & Global Marketing, and thus be better able to achieve their own Goals of having More Financial Freedom and Success.

IAM Free Mobile App TM

"Your Digital License & Portal to Positive Thinking, Lucky Breaks,
Good Fortune, a Winning Life and More Financial Freedom"

This Book will also introduce you to a powerful Financial Freedom Technology based on Simple Proven Truths, combined with the Positive Thrill of Winning cool, valuable things that people really want and desire to have, thus increasing their level of Financial Freedom, which will all be easily accessed via the utilization of the IAM Free Mobile App. 

The successful digital Global publishing and marketing of this Book is the First Phase, and it will be the stable launchpad to move into the Second Phase, which is the design, creation and Global launching of a truly amazing "
Positive-Disruptive-Tech" Free Mobile App, that will bring a fascinating opportunity for success and more Financial Freedom to Billions of positive people, all around the world. 

This IAM Free Mobile App is the next ingenious invention being designed and created by Tari  and the IAM to become "Your Digital License to Positive Thinking, Lucky Breaks, Good Fortune, a Winning Life and More Financial Freedom & Happiness." 

The IAM Free Mobile App will be developed, programmed and operated on the absolutely Biggest, Fastest and Smartest Global scale ever created, that can only be done by a Top Level Studio with Design/Development IT Geniuses, Software Architect Wizards & Global Mobile Systems Masters.  This High-Tech Team will work directly with Tari,  to make sure his Visionary Dream will be made into a Real World Reality, that all IAM Member/Players will greatly and positively benefit from.

 The IAM Free Global Game TM

“An Ultra-Tech System Powering a Fun-Fast-Easy Game to
Win Luxurious, Valuable and Extremely Cool Stuff You Want"


In the Final Chapters of the Book, Tari will introduce to the world the I.A.M. Free Mobile App (as described above), which will be a totally new, one-of-a-kind, technologically advanced Online Portal Key to access the I.A.M. Free Global Game.  Playing and winning this Fun and Exciting Game will help any IAM Free Member/Player anywhere (who has a mobile phone/device and Online access) to solve their biggest and most important problem they live with every day. 

The Biggest Global Problem:
Over 3.5 Billion people are living on earth in technologically advanced countries, and they each have a mobile phone/device and they are Online, yet they are suffering from the almost daily misery of economic slavery and not having enough money, success or Financial Freedom.

You will always have your IAM Free Mobile App with you wherever you take your Mobile Phone/Device, and it will be your New Best Friend as a Living Portal Key to the Financial Freedom Technology it provides.  You will have real-time, anytime on-demand access to the Ultra-Genius-Tech & Fun-Fast-Easy IAM Free Global Game, whenever you feel the urge, impulse or desire to Win Luxurious, Valuable and Extremely Cool Stuff.

In addition to Winning awesome things, the Winners will also Win direct immediate access to the Top 20 Biggest, Best & Most Successful Home-Based, Online Global Income Opportunities to choose from.  You will be granted the exclusive right to take a strong entry position and be coached, mentored and trained by a proven success leader with that company.  A True Chance of a Lifetime for More Success Will Be Yours!

This Real-Life & Real-World Global Game (not animated or virtual) will continuously and instantly provide IAM Member/Players with a Fast, Fun & Easy Online Global Freeway to More Financial Freedom and Happiness for these Billions of positive-minded people of Goodwill, around the world.


The $1,000,000 Adventure

“This Might Be Your Escape from the Suffering of Economic
Slavery . . . to More Financial Freedom & Happiness"

Any Entrepreneur or Positive Person of Goodwill, anywhere on Earth, who reads this book will not only be entertained by Tari's amazing success adventure story, but they will also be inspired, motivated and encouraged all along the way with a strong need to change their State of Mind toward a Positive Attitude and Intention to succeed. 

Each reader has the opportunity to easily follow in Tari's footsteps, handle and overcome any barriers, no matter how big, and achieve their own Goals and Dreams, by using and applying the IAM Financial Freedom Technology, as a Player/Member every day,  so they too can achieve the American Dream of Winning and having more Financial Freedom & Happiness.

EDITOR'S NOTEThe Book, the IAM Free Mobile App & IAM Free Global Game, will all be professionally translated into the top 20 Internet languages spoken in the most technological countries on Earth, in order to reach many Billions of Member/Players in the I.A.M. Free Global Game, so they can all share in this Fun, Free & Easy Adventure that can and will provide each of them with  a Technology to Achieve More Financial Freedom & Happiness.   
The $1,000,000 Adventure 

 "Limited Edition Collector Copies"
In Celebration of the
completion and official publishing of the Book
, MMI will be giving away valuable rewards of "Limited Edition Collector
Copies" of the Book, custom printed and luxury hard-bound as a Limited
Edition Collectible, Signed & Numbered by
Tari Steward, as the Author of
this Non-fiction True Story in the new genre of "Success Adventure" Books.


Tari Steward, the I.A.M. & Millionaire Marketing International

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