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Tari Steward
Artist/Designer of the IAM Million Dollar Bill
Founder of the IAM
President of MMI


The Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill
Internationally Popular, Extremely Rare, In Demand and Scarce = Very Valuable

Since 1988, the world famous I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill was and still is the First, Original, Authentic and Only $1,000,000 Bill designed and created by Tari Steward, Internationally famous Artist/Designer, and printed by the American Bank Note Company (ABNC) with 100% Currency Grade Standards as a true Limited Edition Collectible. Each IAM Million Dollar Bill was created with Sophisticated High-Tech Anti-Counterfeiting Features and each Bill has an Individual Serial Number, making each Bill a truly Unique and Extremely Popular "Financial Art" collectible all across the USA and around the world. 

Custom Printed in December 1988 by the world renowned American Bank Note Company (ABNC) exclusively and only as a "Certificate of Wealth" for the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.), this is the one and only Million Dollar Bill that actually looks and feels better than real US money.

From 1989 to 2002, due to successful global marketing by Millionaire Marketing International (MMI), the entire Limited Edition of 825,000 IAM Million Dollar Bills have been sold to tens of thousands of sophisticated Collectors, wise Investors and Purchasers of Uniquely Impressive Gifts in 55 countries around the world.  As a result, the IAM Million Dollar Bills are now extremely rare and very scarce, while their strong demand and Price/Value continues to increase.


  • FACT #1:  Over the past 23 years, there have been many cheaply printed, imitation, illegal counterfeit and altered copies of the IAM Million Dollar Bill that were created by criminals and scam companies (here in the USA and around the world) to fool, cheat and defraud people. But those illegal junk bills have no value and they are not the Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bills, which are the Limited Edition Financial Art Collectible and Novelty Item as described on this Website.
  • FACT #2:  The people who made the altered copies of the Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bill are criminals who have violated and infringed upon the Copyrights and Trademarks of the IAM Million Dollar Bill and the IAM marketing text and images, which are also Copyrighted materials owned by the IAM for our exclusive use only.  The IAM is taking legal actions against these criminal to expose their illegal acts and stop them from defrauding people Online.
  • FACT #3:  Some of these illegal million dollar bills have been sold Online (e.g. -  on eBay, Amazon, etc.) at much lower prices than the Official Price/Value of the Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bill.
  • FACT #4:  This Website you are on now, www.I-A-M.ws  is the only Official IAM Website that sells the Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bills, and we are the only IAM Website that has been successfully selling our Limited Edition Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bills since 1994.

GOOD NEWS!  As of January 2019, Millionaire Marketing International currently has access to only one remaining Private Source with a limited quantity of "Crisp, New, Mint Condition, Uncirculated" Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bills. This Internationally Famous Limited Edition "Financial Art" Collectible will soon be completely sold out and no longer available for purchase, but you can still acquire some, if you hurry and Place Your Order Now, before they are all sold out. 

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I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill "True Value"

The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill is not real US Currency, it is not real money, it is not worth $1,000,000 in US Dollars, you cannot "cash" it, "convert" it or "sell" it for $1,000,000 in US Dollars.

You cannot "exchange" it for your local currency or "cash" it, because it is NOT REAL US MONEY.  It is simply and only a high quality Limited Edition Novelty, Collectible and Gift Item.

The current price of the Original Authentic IAM Million Dollar Bill is US$110. for each single Bill.

For a more detailed explanation of the actual and true value of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, please contact us using the e-mail link at the bottom of this page and request a copy of the "True Value Letter".

For specific detailed information about the fascinating "story" behind the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill see "The Story Behind It".



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