1. Why is there such a strong and increasing demand for the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill Limited Edition Uncut Sheet as a "Financial Art" Collectible?

  2. Why is it considered an Excellent Investment by the many hundreds of people who have acquired one or more?

  3. What is so Unique and Rare about this Work of Financial Art that it is now classified as an "Art Investible" (Investible = a popular collectible that has proven to also be a good investment)?

Here are all the exciting details that answer these three questions and tell the amazing story behind the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets.

It was commissioned in February of 1988 by the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) to be a Highly Unique Limited Edition Work of Art. It was designed to be a prestigious and impressive reminder of Financial Success that would dramatically symbolize the American Dream of being a Multi-Millionaire in a high-impact, long lasting and positive way. The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill is not real US Currency and is Non Negotiable.


carl_cert.jpegIt was created for the I.A.M. by the world renowned American Bank Note Company (ABNC) in December 1988 as a One-Time-Only Issue. The ABNC has over 200 Years of continuous business experience in designing and printing banknotes, currencies, stock certificates, bonds, postage stamps and other certificates of value for many thousands of corporations and the national governments of virtually every country around the world. In the secretive and exclusive world made up of only a handful of banknote printers, the ABNC is considered to be the best there is, which is the main reason the single Million Dollar Bills are so popular and in demand by serious numismatic collectors (people who collect paper money and coins) in the USA and around the world. This was the first, last and only time in the entire history of the ABNC that they have ever printed a "novelty" item, which is another reason collectors value the single Million Dollar Bills and the Uncut Sheets so highly.


It was designed and created by Tari Steward, a well known and successful Professional Artist. Since he began his unique and colorful career as an Artist in 1973, his exceptional Fine Art Paintings, Commercial Art and Audio Marketing Products have been very popular with millions of people all across the USA. Since 1988, Tari has become internationally famous, to many hundreds of thousands more, as the Chief Artist/Designer of The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill and the Limited Edition Uncut Sheet. Since 1989, he has become very well known as the successful free enterprise entrepreneur who single handedly created the mail order marketing business that successfully promoted, marketed and distributed these products across the USA and around the world. Tari is now writing his long awaited book entitled The $1,000,000 Adventure, which tells the fascinating and adventurous story behind the creation and marketing of The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, The Limited Edition Uncut Sheets and the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.), which he founded.

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