The Entire Limited Edition of 700 Uncut Sheets is Sold Out!

Per the Official IAM Price/Value Appreciation Schedule, each of the IAM Limited Edition Uncut Sheets in existence currently have an Official Price/Value of $9,500 (unframed).

Valuable Information for Collectors & Investors
The following collectible products were included with each Uncut Sheet that was sold.

INVESTOR'S BONUS: With the purchase of each IAM Limited Edition Uncut Sheet each buyer also received the following popular Collectible Items all for FREE. These Valuable Items had a total retail value of $710 back in 2018.

5 ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC I.A.M. MILLION DOLLAR BILLS  - Each Bill comes inside a Plastic Currency Holder with the Official Certificate of Authenticity from the IAM, all within a Brochure/Wallet which tells the amazing story behind the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill.
($550 Value).  To order the Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills CLICK HERE
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1 AMERICAN DREAM DESK DISPLAY -- An Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill is proudly exhibited inside this Polished Clear Acrylic Desk Display. (
$95 Value)
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1 PERSONAL DEMONSTRATION KIT -- A Hand Held Ultra-Violet Light and a 10 Power magnifier to see the Fascinating Anti-Counterfeiting Features in each Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill.
($40 Value)
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1 I.A.M. UNCUT SHEET PHOTO IMAGE MUG -- This Beautiful and Impressive full color Collectible Mug is ideal for drinking your favorite Hot or Cold Beverage. Oversized mug with large handle easily holds 1.5 cups.
($25 Value)
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SHIPPING: All orders are shipped within 7 days from receipt of order and payment in full. All orders are shipped via Federal Express only.

RETURN POLICY: All Uncut Sheet Orders Are Final. No Refunds. No Returns.


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