Due to the tremendous popularity and success of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, other people have made many cheap and low quality imitation products during the past few years. But,many hundreds of thousands of IAM Million Dollar Bill owners all agree that this is and always will be the First, the Original and the Best. Why? Because:

  1. The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill was created in 1988 by the prestigious ABNC with the highest quality Currency Grade Standards of printing.
  2. It is the only true Limited Edition Collectible Million Dollar Bill in existence.
  3. It actually "Looks And Feels Better Than Real Money".
  4. Owning one of these Bills is the major exclusive requirement for joining in the Exciting and Powerful I.A.M. Membership Program.

A total of 825,800 M$Bs and 700 M$B Uncut Sheets are the final and complete Limited Editions of these collectibles. As a result of Tari's creative marketing activities, mostly through his companies, I.A.M. Enterprises and Millionaire Marketing, Inc., over 825,000 M$Bs and a total of 698 Limited Edition Uncut Sheets have been purchased and acquired by many tens of thousands of people and thousands of companies all across the USA and in 55 countries around the world since 1989.

The M$B has proven to be very popular as a High Quality Limited Edition Collectible, a Unique and Impressive Gift and an Excellent Promotional Item for business uses. People who own and enjoy a M$B and/or a M$B Uncut Sheet consider them strong reminders of their Financial Achievements and Goals, while also symbolizing The American Dream of being a "Millionaire".

Since 1989, Tari's two companies I.A.M. Enterprises and then Millionaire Marketing International have been successfully marketing the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills through mail order marketing. During the past 23 years, Tari has operated these businesses starting n California, then Oregon and now Florida. In 2002, Tari's company completed selling out it's inventory of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills.

Since 2002, Millionaire Marketing International has been selling the inventory of I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills owned by private investors, and they have almost sold out all of their remaining Bills. The Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills are now very scarce, rare and hard to find, which is one reason why their demand keeps growing and their Price/Value keeps increasing. They currently sell for the Official I.A.M. Price/Value of $95 each, with discounts for "Portfolio Packs" orders, while very limited supplies last.

During these past 28 years, most of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills have been purchased in large quantity orders by businesses who use the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills as Unique "Thanks A Million!" Gifts for their clients and customers. These companies have proven that it creates a Positive High Impact and Long Lasting Impression on their Clients, Customers and Employees.

Many hundreds of thousands of owners of the IAM Million Dollar Bill enjoy this unique product because it is:

  • An Authentic Limited Edition Financial Collectible of the highest quality.
  • An Impressive "THANKS A MILLION" Business Gift For Customers, Clients and Prospects.
  • A Unique Exciting Gift for Family, Friends and Associates.
  • A Positive Motivational Award For Top Sales Achievers.
  • A High Impact Attention Getter For Promotional Programs.
  • A Powerful Visualization Tool for reaching Financial Goals.

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