Each Sheet has 36 Million Dollar Bills, and each Bill on each Sheet is individually serial numbered, like actual US currency, utilizing serial numbers that are unique for each Series and are different from those on the single Million Dollar Bills. Each Uncut Sheet measures exactly 26 1/2" by 26 1/2" and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. And most importantly, each Uncut Sheet is personally signed and numbered by Tari, the Artist/Designer, to confirm and verify it's authenticity and to enhance it's long term appreciation in Price/Value as a Financial Art Investible.


It was created as a One-Time-Only Issue, and to ensure it's Limited Edition status forever, Tari made certain that all the printing plates were destroyed by the American Bank Note Company, utilizing a time honored "Plate Destruction Ceremony" by the ABNC, thus guaranteeing the limited edition status for Art Collectors & Investors. There will never be another printing of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills or the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets.


There has never been anything like it in the Art World before. During 1991 and 1992, the world renowned Musee de la Poste (Post Museum) in Paris, France selected the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill Limited Edition Uncut Sheet to be included in its major International Art Exhibition "Les Couleurs de L'argent" ("The Colors of Money"). Two of the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets were custom framed by the Post Museum showing each side, and they were put on display with various works of 83 other world renowned Artists including; Pablo Picasso, Harel de Moor, Miro, Hans Richter and Andy Warhol. This unique International Art Exhibition gathered together for the first time over 500 Art Pieces related to money, wealth and banking covering the history of Western Art.


Now, the entire Limited Edition of 700 Uncut Sheets are owned and enjoyed by affluent, positive and successful Collectors & Investors around the world. They admire their "unique investment in financial art" and the "Atmosphere of Wealth" it creates in their offices and homes, while they watch their Authentic "Financial Art Collectible" continue to appreciate in price/value, during the upcoming "Secondary Marketing Phase", as detailed in the next page.

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